Hello Kitty Seaweed & Sandwich cutters (with case!)

SGD 29.90
(A set consists of big & small cutters, a mat, a pin & hello kitty case!)
Size (Big cutter): Abt 65*73*25mm
Size (Small): Abt 41*45*22mm
Size (Mat): Abt 80*80*4mm
Size (case): Abt 105*112*38mm
Size (pin): Abt diameter of 2*65mm
Material (cutters, case, pin): Polypropylene
Material (mat): Silicone Resin
Heat resistant temperature: 100deg
Purpose: Can be used to cut seaweed, sandwiches, etc. This special cutter has a zig-zag cutting edge that provides easy cutting. Can use to decorate food. Also, for those food that kids dislike, use this, just like what mummies in Japan did!