Winnie-e-Poooh Seaweed & sandwich Cutters (with Case!)

SGD 29.90
(A set consists:big, small cutters, a mat,a pin & Winnie e Pooh Case!)
Size (Big cutter): Abt 65*73*25mm
Size (Small): Abt 41*45*22mm
Size (Mat): Abt 80*80*4mm
Size (case): Abt 105*112*38mm
Size (pin): Abt diameter of 2*65mm
Material (cutters, case, pin): Polypropylene
Material (mat): Silicone Resin
Heat resistant temperature: 100deg
Purpose: Can be used to cut seaweed, sandwiches, etc. This special cutter has a zig-zag cutting edge that provides easy cutting per enclosed pic. Can be used to decorate food. Also, for those food that kids dislike, use this, just like what mummies in Japan did!